Guide to connecting to RemoteApps

This guide will show you how to log onto RemoteApps for the first time. Please note the following points:



  1. In order for RemoteApp and Desktop Connection to function to its full potential, please ensure you have the latest Remote Desktop Connection 7 client installed. You can download this from the following links:

    For Windows XP: Click here

    For Windows Vista: Click here

    For Windows 7 or later: No download required, Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 will already be installed.

  2. Upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 or higher. Open your browser and click the Cog icon at the top right or Help depending on the version of Internet Explorer à About Internet Explorer, although RemoteApps will work on earlier versions of IE, it is preferable to upgrade to the latest version. If not version 8 (see picture below), then an upgrade can be completed via the following link: Click here

    Or you can run and install all windows updates including optional ones.

  3. Add to the Local Intranet Security Zone, for written instructions Click here alternatively for video instructions Click here.


Using RemoteApps

  1. To begin your RemoteApp, click the link on the PV website or PV Portal titled ‘PV RemoteApps’ or navigate to:

    The following page will be displayed:

    Note that at this point, you may be prompted to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Web Access Control Internet Explorer add-on. This is normal and can be installed by clicking in the area indicated below and selecting Run Add-on.

  2. To log on, enter your usual network username and password, then click Sign in.

  3. Any of the programs listed can be loaded by single clicking them and accepting the Remote-App publisher warning.

    It may take a few minutes to connect depending on the speed of your computer and internet

    The message below is normal and just a security warning, click Connect to continue.

    It may take a few minutes to connect depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection, but after a short wait you will see the Applications load up.